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So we all know my brother (16), and his 14 year old gf. The old, hey virgin, hey rapist thing. For anyone who doesn't, my brother walked into the room where me and my friends were, and said "Hey virgins". I replied, "Hey, rapist." So anyways, here's my story.

My dad, my dad's friend, and my older brother (19) were out drinking in the back yard. Me and my friend, we decide we're gonna have some fun. So we scour the house for water baloons. We find one. We fill it, but we need something more. So we ask my brother for condoms. He gives us 3, out of his wallet.

We fill one. It's really.... flexible. We go outside, and throw them at the same time. The baloon splats in the middle of them. The condom, however, hits my brother on the arm. It is so flexy, it wraps around, and spins around his arm, neck, and onto his other arm, then it falls and hits the ground. It was pretty awesome. Then they sent a barrage of beer bottles at us.

Back inside we go. Time to fill the other condom! I put it on the faucet and turn the water on. When it gets to the right size ( ;) ), I turn the water off. Very distinctively, there is just a little stream of water, coming out of a hole in the side of the condom. We just stood there and watched. Then we proceeded to break out laughing.

TL;DR Read the last paragraph OR my brother owes me one.
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