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Ages of Strategy will be the first real " Strategy" game of our series. This game's missons,theme,and props will be based off of the PC game " Ages of Empires" If you have not gotten the chance to play it I highly reccommend. You can download a free verision on a number of different sites.

Each team will be provided with a "town center" which will be the central location that each general will have to be stationed at throughout the game. This will be the place that the teams collect props will be stored.

Each team in the beginning of the game will receive:
x number of gold
X number of stone
x number of food
x number of wood

Gold will be used to purchase points and/or any of the other 3 resoures above.

Food will be used to help generate respawn windows and other activities through out the game.

Wood will be used to build fences, outposts and many other things throughout the game.(different color tape for fences Etc)

Stone will be more advanced then wood which they both are used to do the same thing. (different color tape for fences Etc)

More Info TBA

Registration and paint sales start at 7:30 AM
Game briefing and rules at 9:00 AM
Game starts at 10:00 AM
Final Battle ends at 4:00 PM
Entry is $35.00 pre-registered by 5/14/11, $45 after deadline or day of game. Entry includes air, and raffle. CO2 is sold seperately.($10 all day)

Valken Paint will be availble for sale at $60 per case at the field.
There will be food, refreshments, and limited on site camping.
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