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I'm selling a Kingman(R) Stryker(TM) STR-1.
Mint Condition; I've used it twice.

This selling package includes;

PureEnergy(R) 20oz cO2 tank,

Stryker STR-1 paintball marker,


If you want any upgrades for this gun, all parts are Spyder compatible.
Minimum selling price; $55

PureEnergy C02 tank: Pure Energy 20oz CO2 Tank (graphic may vary): Sports & Outdoors

Stryker STR-1:http://www.pbreview. lmao oducts/reviews/5055/
(There are some haters on there that don't know what they are talking about. E.G.; "It has a plastic bolt, so it sucks". Plastic bolts are good lmao rollin:)
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