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everything sold !

will consider trades for markers and large nitro tanks(72+/45)

a Q-logic box w/2 12" kicker comps - asking $125.00

trade pending.....

each sub is 400W @ 4ohms (subs retail for $125 each)
used only 3 months still in new condition.

second is my Matthews MQ1,specs & extras as follows - asking $700 ($750 shipped)
all in excellent condition
compound bow RH 60-70# 28" drawlength
Cavalier rest w/fork tounge
Sure-Loc target sight w/2 scope aperatures
1 scope has a 4x lens,the other a 7x lens
3D impact 3 pin lighted fiber optic sight
20" Strikewave stabilizer
10" Bowman camo hydraulic stabilizer
stabilizer quick connect coupler
Limb savers
bow sling
Big Kid 3D thumb release
Cobra adj trigger release(could never get away from my very first release)
6 Easton X7's 2613 door slammers
7 PSE Carbon Force Comp Pro 200
hand made 7-8" leather arm guard
basic bow case

Vista package includes
belt w/back support
4 tube quiver w/binocular pouch(there is a set of vivitar pv
series 10X but one lens is out of alignment)
grease tube
water bottle holder
allen set
bow holder

this is just over $1700.00 in gear. i've completely lost interest
and just want to get rid of it.
my average was 446 in 20yd 450 rounds indoor and 296-298 on 3D courses
you'll spend $700 on a basic setup anyways,so why not go extreme ?

for obvious reasons i wont ship the kicker due to weight
willing to meet someone within 100 miles of Boston,MA.

i would prefer to meet somewhere for the bow also only because i
don't trust ups/fedex with highend gear.

since there are no ebay links of any sort allowed my ebay id is lec666555
and heatware feedback is here -> [ ]
will not deal with anybody who has negative feedback,sorry

i'll accept paypal or cash. thanks for looking

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the rules sticky stated,no links of any kind to ebay....:confused:
i figured stay safe and just give my id. it's easy enough to lookup anyways.

as for the price on the subs...i'm one of those people who just
dumps stuff cheap to get rid of it quick.
the pressure waves gave me headaches and my kids too.
i'm tired of looking at them.

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subs pending.......
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