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Alright, so I'm a total novice when it comes to audio (as in I know zilch) so I've come to you guys to ask what works and what doesn't.

I'm looking to put together a nice balanced audio system (AKA I'm not just buying subs) but I definitely want to be able to buzz the car if I want. Basically, what speakers, subs, and amp/amps do you suggest for a good quality sound system that's not going to be too expensive.

I'm not worrying about a price limit right now, just throw out speakers that are good for the money.

I saw those subs Pierced posted and I'll probably look into two of those, but any other recommendations are welcome.


*PS* What is the average cost (like at circuit city or a car shop) to get a stereo system installed? Which is cheaper?

And a lot of my friends with subs have bad... lag? (I guess thats a way to put it) it seems, where the deepest part of the bass doesn't hit until after the note should've gone. When they're decently quiet you can't hear it, and even when it's loud it's not really bad, but it's enough that it's noticable and it irritates all hell out of me.

Thanks everyone!

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Circuit City charges around
$30 to install a head unit
$60 to install an amp
I think $40-50 for a single set of speakers.

Plus in order to install an amp you have to use the wiring kits they sell, which for a 4 gauge kit cost about $80, plus around 20 for the cheapest RCA cords they sell.

They ass rape you for something that is not hard at all.

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I might be able to do it with my uncle, it just depends. And I have the wiring I need already, I got it free from my uncle. So that's not a big deal at the moment.

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You can wire it yourself. There is actually a stick on here about wiring subs I believe. Not giving a price range is going to be difficult but I'll suggest JL Audio on just about everything. Outstanding customer support and service, fantastic build quality and all around just great products.

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If you're willing to drop a little dough, you can go with my all-Alpine setup. I'm extremely, extremely pleased with it:

-Alpine CDA-9886 Head unit
-Alpine MRP-M500 Monoblock 500W RMS Amplifier (Going cheap due to Alpine's switch to their Digital PDX series)
-Alpine MRP-F450 90Wx4 RMS Amplifier (Also going cheap, but drives speakers VERY well)
-Alpine Type R 12" 2x4ohm Dual voice coil subwoofer, in a custom ported box built & tuned to Alpine spec. Sub is wired to the amp @2 ohms in parallel.
-Alpine SPR-17c 6 1/2" Component set (tweeters, woofers, and crossovers) (Sounds BEAUTIFUL when pushed with 90W!)
-Alpine SPR-69C 6x9" Full range speakers. May fit your car, may not. Great punch with decent highs for a moderately-priced full-range.
-Any 4-gauge wiring kit with a decent distribution block, 8-gauge ground leads, and 8-gauge power leads from the block to the amps. (Tip: Measure the exact lengths you will need and go to a place that sells wire by the foot, it's cheaper than buying a wiring kit)
-Sound deadener is your friend! Dynamat can be expensive but there are cheaper alternatives, and it really does help to improve your sound if your doors and trunk don't rattle.

I think overall, I've spent close to $1200 on this setup, but it's been 2 years in the making and for Christmas I finally was able to finish it. Everything is in balance, but balance doesn't mean weakness. The highs are piercing and the lows are booming, and the overall sound quality my car has sounds alot better than almost any car I've heard.

Everything can be installed & wired yourself with a little time, care, and knowledge. And if you have any questions, there are enough people with audio experience on this forum that can help you.

The lag you are hearing is combination of a speaker phasing problem and an amplifier asynchronization. Basically, the higher frequencies travel faster to your ears than do the lower frequencies, especially since the tweeters are much closer to your ears than the subwoofers. The asynchronization lag is especially common if your subwoofers are on an amp (they usually are) but your speakers are not; it takes time for the amp to store a charge and process the input signal. Though it's not much, it can be noticeable at higher wattages. The easiest way to fix this is to put your speakers on an amp as close to the wattage of your subwoofer amp as possible. It's also possible to put your subwoofer(s) on an amp that is WAY too powerful for the subs, but keep your gain turned way down. This, however, is not recommended because it can be a) Expensive, and b) Can easily damage your equipment if you don't know what you're doing. The rest of the time issues can be tuned out of the system, if necessary.

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Have to have a decent HU or whatever you get will sound like poo.

JVC Arsenal KD-AR8500 (kdar8500) In-Dash CD Receivers with MP3 / WMA Playback In-Dash Car Stereo Receivers and Head Units Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix


Pioneer Premier TS-A702C (tsa702c) 6-3/4" Component Systems Car Speakers Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix

Not sure what kind of vehicle we are workin with here so I will link to these since its a VERY common size in vehicles.

Pioneer Premier TS-A702C (tsa702c) 6-3/4" Component Systems Car Speakers Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix

$80 (probably x2 depending on the vehicle)

Amp for the mids

Kenwood KAC-8404 (kac8404) Multi-channel Amps Car Amplifiers Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix


Sub amp (if your gonna run the eD subs)

Kenwood KAC-8104D (kac8104d) Mono Subwoofer Amps Car Amplifiers Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix


subs eD 7kv.2

Elemental Designs

$75 (for two)


power (will run both amps)

Kicker PKD1 0-2 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kits Amplifier Installation Car Accessories and Installation Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix



Rockford Fosgate RFI-20 (rfi20) 19+ Ft. (6 Meter) Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Cables & Wires Car Accessories and Installation Car Audio and Video - Sonic Electronix

^ x2

$30 for both

Total (not including box for subs)

$858 Not to bad for a complete system.

99% of the time that "lag" you hear is an improperly set amp cutting off frequencies then picking them up again when they get back in range and give sort of a lagish sound.
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