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i got a spyder victor 2 thats upped like hell

Price: offer

Trades: Anything better i add cash. ions, timmys

Spyder victor 2
-acs bolt
-polished stricker
-drilled valve
-32* 9 piece spring kit
-TES front block with guage
-TES shocktech tube
-2006 boblong torpedo regulator
-dead on products large drop forward with gauged asa
-mec. trigger frame
-electric trigger frame
-t-board with eyes
-2006 14" black progressive
-CIP low rise feedneck
-bob long eye covers
-spare parts (cupseals o-rings valve pins ext.)

may include 114/3000 psi fiber wrapped tank by carlton with 3000 psi crossy regulator

old pics may not have some of the stuff listed

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