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I am always looking for ways to raise funds for our paintball community.
Not only for my team and the paintball portal which I run, but also for the next generation of paintballers.
As you may know, it is hard to convince non-players to support us, so I have searched for alternative ways of funding.
One such option is to create good looking T-shirts for people who would like to support us.

First I'd like to tell you what I have done in the past years:

- For nearly two years ran a paintball site with more than 150 blog posts
- Supported and promoted local and foreign leagues and paintball games
- Helped young players
- Written training blogs, designed infographics
- Trained players
and much more

…and here is what I want to do in the future:

- Create free grant program for paintball fields and teams
- Build a non-profit paintball field
- Start paintball school for kids
- Continue blogging and developing the paintball portal

So if you like it, please give us your support.

Order now:
JUST PAINT // Obchod //
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