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If you want a cocker now is the time to get one. I spent a TON of money on this gun and now I must let it go for cheap.

I need cash for some holiday spending money and since I don't ball as much as I used to I NEED to get rid of my baby. I am asking $250 priority shipped for the gun and barrels or $200 + shipping.

Red 2k3 WGP Autococker
Chrome Belsales Hollowpoint 3 way
Silver MPP SMC Ram
Silver MacDev Sonic LPR
Chrome Dye Swing Frame
Red Dye Sticky 3's
Chrome CP Grip Regulator
Braided SS hose
Red KAPP Patriot Cocking rod
2k2 Shocktech Superfly Bolt
Red Smart Parts detent (SP logo has been removed)
0-1200 ANS Gauge mounted under front block
Black ASA
Semi CP 2 piece kit - Black .685 CP back, silver .689 back, 16" red tip and 12" dust silver tip.

There's a little circular scratch on the top of the body around the hole to adjust the jam nut, otherwise, it's flawless.

I don't want trades, repeat - NO TRADES!

The gun will come timed and ready to shoot, all that is needed is paint and air!

Only accepting MO's, cash and personal checks. Notice: Checks MUST clear before I ship. I will not ship first, nor at the same time. No COD and no PayPal.

My feedback -

Contact me by posting here, sending PMs or on AIM at TranMann87.

Here're some pics:

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Would you go for 175 w/o the barrel, It is a sweet gun.

3D Airsmith
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What part of VA?

Because i might have one of the freinds pick up for me and bring with him when he comes out here. (I use to play at Hogback in Leesburg to give you an idea of were he is)
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