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Well my friends suddely got into paintball then just as suddenly droped out so now im stuck with my expensive gun.So im seeing if i can get what $$ i want or i should keep it.

Anyway its a t.e.s 3 paintballs just 3 though it stock all new parts have never seen a piece of paint with

maddman rocket vavle never used still need to be "calibrated"
All new gauges
J&j ceramic
Zentraim trigger
Spudnuk'l bolt
Evo 2 hopper with Z boards the shells messed up a little with no cover but its cheap to fix
PVC stand
20 oz tank
Modified trigger its really light

Asking 550$ or a beater 240sx thanks

Located in Lasvegas i have paypal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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