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Morning All.
Given that I can't afford a new gun this year. And that my wife is a bit leary about markers that look like the real thing. I'm on a quest to pretty-up my Ion with kits, barrels etc that can make it "tactical" while being able to make it my own, unique, non-replica marker.
That said, I do understand that the odds of getting parts that would make an Ion look like the real thing are slim and none.

But it's not as easy as I thought. Last year when I wasn't looking, everyone and their dog Skip had body kits and stuff, not anymore. (BTW, I'm writing from Central Alberta, Canada)

But I think I'll be able to find one.
One thing that has been tripping me up, however, is the stock. I want to go remote to take advantage of a fun tac-vest I got for Jesus' Birthday, but have found very few references to stocks that screw into asa's. Tacamo made one, but I'll be darned if I can find a seller.

Anyway. Remember, this is for fun. I don't need any flames about tac markers vs tourny markers, blah, blah, blah.

FYI. My ultimate coolness-turbo-fun goal will be a bodykit of some kind that features 3 rails, upon which I can mount freakin lasers. And no, no flames on lasers and paintball ballistics. I just want to be the guy who puts three red dots on your chest before he lights you up, all Predator-Like.

Keep it Fun!

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intead of looking into a stock that screws into the asa i know there are some that mount to the bottom of the frame, look into those instead, they will be more common.

people have gone milsim with the ion before, its just not common, and my .02 on the lasers, im not flaming the idea i just see two issues with it 1) i dont know about you but i never check my chest to see if there is anything on it while im playing and 2) if i did see a laser there i would be moving in a hurry, you would be giving away what you are about to do.

ionbeast-instead oof plastering the picture of your ion everywhere like a child with a new sheet of stickers why not just place a link in your sig to the thread in the rate my marker section
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