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What I have got here is a Pewter Vision Shocker with some really nice upgrades. The gun is virtually brand new and has only been test shot a couple of times. The gun is hooked up in the following ways...

-****** Board(The ****** Shocker Board has quickly become the most popular upgrade board in the sport of paintball. Being used by top NPPL and PSP teams like Redz Sedition, X-Factor, and Rock-it Kids, isn't it time you got some ****** in your gun?
The ****** Board is a simple drop-in replacement board for your Vision or Non Vision Shocker. It takes under 2 minutes to install, and will instantly boost the performance of your marker with the Most Advanced Software in the Industry.)

-Smart Parts Shocker low rise Black feedneck (Clamping feed neck for your Impulse or New Style Shocker)

-Hybrid Bolt guide(This is a Tyler Michaud of Dynasty, signature series product for any Shocker. Improves cosmetics, ergonomics and more importantly, no tool is needed which leads to easier and faster maintenance. A MUST for any Shocker).

Grey Contract Killer Grip(Hybrid 2006 Contract Killer 45 Grips w/LED lens. Fits all 45 frame guns including IONs, shockers, wraths, Mech. Cocker + More!)

-$650 Shipped to your door!

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