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I have approx. 2000 of these caps for sale. they are .10 apiece plus $3 shipping for up to 50 caps and $5 shipping for 100 caps, $1 per 100 caps after that. (50 caps is $8 with shipping and 100 caps is $15 with shipping Etc.)
CAPS by themselves
Tubes with caps
I only Except US Postal Service Money orders At this time. (Sorry no PayPal) PM me if you are interested.

These are some tubes and caps that I dyed with RIT dye that should be available were they sell fabrics, and wal-mart.
I boiled them both for 20 minutes using the liquid concentrate version of RIT and it turned the caps completely black and darkly smoked the tubes. works great for woods ball.
Try it it is pretty easy to do if you don't want bright orange caps. I tried to order them in a different color but they don't make them in another color. probably because the caps are ment to be a safety device for compressed air cylinders. The tubes look solid black but are not, you can still see the paint when it is in the tube.
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