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the 4th dimension... something like this has probablly been posted before, and obviously people ask questions about this and time and stuff like that. this is about what the 4th dimension would be like if it were an additional spatial dimension, rather than time as many people think. ive done a few google searches in the past, but today i finally found a site i can actually understand. it uses easy examples with characters like fred and bob.

i have the power, for i understand the 4th dimension! :dodgy:

well go here and start with the introduction. its pretty crazy stuff, but if youve ever wanted to "understand" the 4th dimension, this is youre best bet... and ive already made a few assumptions:

1) you can move "up" and "down" freely in tetraspace.
2) because of this, gravity either does not apply, or is applied several times in multiple directions (squared maybe?)

and i wonder what else could probablly happen there...

well, discuss, and enjoy :hug: but if you dont like thinking, dont bother going to that site. once you read it, your brain WILL explode and theres not alot i can do about it...

oh, and theres also a few programs that allow you to see what 4d would look like. its kinda hard to understand off of a 2d monitor, but something is better than nothing, right? this is a list of alot of such programs.
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