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The 04 dye matrix

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I'm thinkin about sellin my cocker to get one, but I have a few questions.

How good is the new LPR on them? I hear it is like a SCM, but I've never seen/used one.

How good is the stock bolt? I know trixes are notorious for needing a bolt right off, but how good is the stock?

What lube(s) should I keep loaded on? What all parts will I need in my toolbox?

Thanks for any help.
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well, I cant help ya much on performance wise. But some good lubes are slick honeys lube and motion potion. and ALWAYS keep extra o-rings when deeling with trixies, never know when an o-ring will go, and that can cause you alot of problems during a game or tourney
As 666 paintballer said, keep some spare o-rings on hand. I have not changed a single o-ring in the past 3-months that I've owned my DM4, but it is still a very good idea to keep extra o-rings in case one does go wrong.

Slick honey is by far the best grease availible. Thats what all of the Trauma players use, and they love it. DM4 owners can shoot their DM4's at around 50 psi with no shoot down with the slick honey.
Yeah, I read on pbn about Slick Honey. I'll get some when I get my trix.
Where can you get Slick Honey?
can slick honey be used on all matrices or just dmfizzles?
I've seen the new dye lcds and the lpr looks pretty kool. The lpr is smaller, but I don't know how it performs. You'll get around 1000 shots of a 68/4500 with the stock image bolt kit. Most lube will work ok. I use battle lube, but I'm gonna get some matrixmuck soon. And I've never had to change an O-ring on my matrices. I don't know what you people do to have them blow off every day of playing.
Slick honey can be used on all Matricies, as well as Timmy's and other guns.

Search "Slick Honey" on .
Hey teamfuel02, I hope you know there is already a team named fuel that is out there.

They won Bunkerfest and got 2nd at MGO.
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