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Hey, what are the best imitated things in life? Can imitated things ever be good?

Soda-Shasta Cola.
seafood-imitation crab
food-turkey burgers
fruits-imitation fruit wtf? is it possible?
chocolate milk-anything non ovaltine that taste's like ovaltine
paintballs-GAP paint.
T.V-there's this brand called admiral, dont know if you've heard of it.
mp3/cdplayer/tape- wal-mart players.

What else can you think of?

ooh, my friend does a good imitation of george lopez. and my friend also draw's good homer pictures. :tup

Whats up with imitation anyway? i mean, why not be original and fresh?

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it is...but it's kinda different cuz it's better for you than nes quick(not sayign ti's godo for ya, just better)

another thing that is great is scents...I love some of those candles that smell like food!
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