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The Fight for Freedom: Scenario Paintball Event

The government has gone too far in its attempts to control the people. The rebels have had enough and will not sit idly by and watch their government tear their country apart anymore. It is time to fight back.

The rebels have taken refuge in a small outpost in the Northeastern region of the country, with the Government Headquarters to the Southwest.

They have vowed that on November 6th, 2010 they will launch their final campaign and either overthrow the oppressive government and gain their freedom or die trying.

Event Time and Location

The event will be held on November 6th, 2010 at Cerberus Training Options Main Facility (2100 County Highway 250 Oran, MO 63771).

The Facility is 86 acres of mixed woodland, grassland, man made, and natural obstacles to include buildings. The facility and scenario were designed by former combat veterans with the help of our home Paintball team and will host as real to life an experience as we can make it.

0800 - Players Check in, Paint, ID Cards, etc
0900 - Player Briefing and Chrono
0945 - Take to the Field
1000-1200 - Game On (This is a continues scenario with random missions
throughout the day)
1200-1300 - Lunch Break
1300-1700 - Game On (This is a continues scenario with random missions
throughout the day)


$30 per person if pre-registered by Nov 1st.

$40 per person after Nov 1st

Team Captains if you have 10 or more team members registered by Nov 1st your registration fee is waived.

To Pre-Register pay by paypal or mail your payment to 211 Mulberry St Oran, MO 63771. Pre-registration ends Nov 1st.

Air Fee is $5.00 per person for the day. HPA is available. Air Fee is paid on site to the vendor.

Rental Equipment available for $10.00. Paid on site to the vendor.
Field Paint Only: $55 per case


If you would like to be a vendor for this event contact us by E-Mail at:
[email protected]

Vendor's fee is 10% of your day's sales.

Camping is Available

Campground is basic with no utilities or hookups available.
Tents, campers, or sleep under the stars, your choice.
Campground will open on November 5th at 1000 hours.

Visit our website for further details:
About the Company - Cerberus Training Options and Paintball
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