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The One is a weekend long paintball festival promoted by Shoreline Paintball of the UK and hosted by Flag Raiders Paintball Canada.

The event will see a whole host of activities take place on the Saturday including mini-games, clinics, shooting competitions, gun show, Bring & Buy sales and more all followed by a Saturday Night Party.....and there 'aint no party like a Shoreline Party!!

The main Big Game will take place on the Sunday and will run for 6 non-stop hours. Players can dip in and out of the game as they wish.

The game itself will see some innovative ideas like electronic flag stations, live updating game maps on plasma screens and the entire field will flip at half time creating a perfectly even gaming environment for both sides.

The multi-layered scenario will suit all levels of players from the most experienced scenario teams to a brand new Big Game newbie....nobody will feel left out.

Tickets are going fast!
Head to Home - The One for all the event info and to get your tickets!
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