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Well first... hey, I'm new here. I haven't been PBing for long but i love it. I've only played woods ball and can't really see the fun in speed ball.

*mission impossible theme*

I'm planning a 2 day long woodsball campaign up in the mountains.

It's going to be capture the flag and I've already scouted out the base locations. THe bases are about a 20 minuet hike apart. Connecting them is aa dirt road with very dense trees on either side that is constantly sloped and very windey. There is also the possibility for bushwacking between camps.

Each base has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of them is on the top of the mountain but can be approached from all sides. The other is at the bottom of the road and has a pretty steep face on one side.


Once in the general area, both teams will be at a central point prechosen and halfway between bases At the begining both teams will have about an hour and a half of prep time. Durring this time they can make stratagies, put up bunkers, etc. Once this time is up and airhorn will be sounded.

From the time we leave to get to the mountains until we come home, the teams are seperate. This is to get the right frame of mind in place. Also, each team will be in charge of it's own supplies. This includes paint, food, drink, and bunker materials, air, etc.

There will be no maps so each team will need to assign scouts to bring back needed terrain information.

Game play:

As stated above, this is capture the flag. Each flag will be placed at each base and accatched to a barrel plug. Once obtained, the player must put the plug in remdering the gun usless and making the flag viewable. Then the flag must make it's way back to the other base. When this occures and the game is over, the winning team sounds horn and everybody meets and a the central point to discuss further gameplay. If the game ends within the first day, we may switch bases or change rules.

When a player is hit, they must walk back to a designated zone to wait for a team member to release them. This works very well with team playing because if you're a dick and don't do your part, they won't go get you.

Assuming that I have planned this correctly and the single game lasts 2 days, we will play through the night.

If there is no winner by a certain time the second day, both teams will meet at the central point and choose what to do.

Side note, I want to set this up on the day before a full moon and hopefully after it cools a little bit. Given a good outcome, I will plan a snow version.

**Thought's comments, ideas, you're an idiot... uh-s?


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that sounds badass, i wish i could go when it happens....
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