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Press Release

Subject: The Scenario Clash at EMR

Date: August 6-7, 2005

Place: EMR Paintball Park

The Scenario Clash an EMR, the most unique paintball format of its kind, has become one of the most talked about events in the paintball industry.

Combining the game play of a scenario game along with a tournament type format and atmosphere of competition, we have ensured that the players will have an experience unlike any other.

The format is simple, 32, 10 man teams using the same skills and tactics normally used for scenario games will be tasked with missions. Each one will have its own unique objectives and challenge the players by forcing them to use their skills and their knowledge to complete their mission.

The missions will have two teams going head to head. The attacking side (BlueFor) and the defending side (OPFOR). Each team will have different objectives that they must achieve in order to perform their respective missions successfully. The teams will be awarded points based on how many tasks were completed. The teams with the highest point totals will then go on to the semi finals. From there, four teams will go head to head and the winner will be the Scenario Clash Champions.

We are proud to announce that Eric Engler has come on board to further enhance the Scenario Clash staff. No stranger to scenario paintball, Eric is the owner and operator of Engler Custom Paintball Guns as well as designer and builder of his custom paintball markers. His wide knowledge of the scenario paintball world will help us to not only market the Scenario Clash better, but also ensure the Clash will be the event that all other of its kind will be compared with.

For more information on The Scenario Clash at EMR go to or to register your team go to or call (570) 465-9622.

Registration stops at 32 Teams. SIGN YOUR TEAM UP TODAY!
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