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In Halo, the first one, there are a few "Easter Eggs." These are hidden things throughout the game that are pretty neat and sometimes quite funny.

1. In the last level, when you must drive the Warthog though the long area in the Pillar of Autumn there is one. When in the main tunnels, in between each room you drive through, there are smaller tunnels that sprout off of the main one. If you follow one of these down far enough, there is a Grunt standing there. He speaks to you. He says something about "There is a large nipple to suck on back at the mothership."

2. I am not sure how you are able to view this video, but in the end of the game. It shows the one black marine fighting over an assault rifle with an Elite. They are haveing a tug of war match when in the background the Pillar activates. The marine says "awww... Come here" and they hug each other as they are wiped away.

If you have any more for Halo or Halo 2 pleas epost.

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