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have you ever tried to host a pB game where its NOT crowded as hell? or attempted to invite someone thats cool ot one but you have an audience? hard isnt it? some of you know what I mean. like when your trying to invite ONE person on your guest list and everyone that hears you is thinking 'well ill just show up and get and the way and crap it up.' thats my Theory of Social Collateral Damage. well not really a theory but a law of human psychology. and then the people that hear you not only decide to come, but to tell all their friends and further overpopulate the place with more knuckle heads. then they come to you and ask to come even though you know by now your way over the pop limit, but you feel obligated to and in the process someone else hears you and the whole process starts over again. heres an example story that happened just last week:

my friend at school comes up to me and says in a slightly lowered voice 'hey me and my family (5 total) are going to the local field to play pb, since theres not even teams and they'll likely gang up on me i think you should come too (and also points to another friend beside me).' sounds like a nice smallscale game right? WRONG! turns out three others overheard us and by the next day i was hearing from other people 'hey you wanna go to so-and-so's pb thing?' im like 'no i didnt know about it' or 'hes not having one' trying to avoid the whole collateral dammage scenario. then the next day my best bud rings me up and tells me about it and who told him. day before the game i go back to my friend who started it in the first place and told him about how everyone on earth knew about it somehow and hes like 'WTF am i going to do now!?" an im like 'damn i dunno'.

so anyway there ends up FOURTY+ people at the game ON A FIELD THAT REGULARLY SUPPORTS TWENTY PLAYERS MAX!! we had to split into three teams of ~13 (at least we had a sophomore team) and rotate! needless to say the original host and his family didnt want to show up now so i was the only one that wasnt what we now call 'collateral damage' and the other 40 peeps was.

sorry i just had to rant about that and give you some advice next time you try to have a pb game, LAN party, pron shower or anything else with a limited guest list: call em and tell em to deny any existence of the event to anyone even yourself.
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