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THE THING II Rules and Regulations

A 5-Hour Role-Playing Scenario Game by G-Force Productions

Saturday, February 19, 2011 (12/02/10)


•$24.95 per person, plus tax – pre-registered by 02/09/11
•$39.95 per person, plus tax – late registration or at the gate
•Note: Game is limited to 250 players

GROUP LEADER BENEFITS: Group leader benefits do apply, with advance reservations only:

•10+ players = One plays free, 1000 paintballs
•20+ players = Two play free, 2000 paintballs, Group Rates
•25+ players = Two play free, 2000 paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann 98 OR Case of Paint
•30+ players = Three play free, 2000 paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann A-5 OR Case of Paint
•40+ players = Four play free, 2000 paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann X-7 Phenom (mechanical) OR Case of Paint
•No Two Specials Apply, Benefits Based on Paying People Present Day of game.
CHECK-IN & PARKING: SKIRMISH FIELDS – Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. For detailed directions, please visit us at: Skirmish Paintball Fields in the Poconos at Jim Thorpe, PA - Driving Directions | --- SKIRMISH usa ---

•Have ENTRY TICKET (liability waiver) WITH YOU – FILLED OUT & UNFOLDED – You can print from the website!!!
•Receive: Dog-tags, Wristbands, Maps, Rules
•Everyone MUST have Wristbands, Dog-tags and hopper tape to play!!!
•Lost Wristband or Dog-tags, please report to check-in window.
•Your Wristband is proof of payment. If lost, you will be asked to pay again!


•9:00am – 10:30am – Check-in for pre-registered players, Paint Sales, & Map Distribution
•10:30am – 11:00am – Game Orientation, Objective Assignments, Rules Briefing, Chrono
•11:00am – Game Begins
•4:00pm – Game Ends

TEAMS: United States vs China

ROLES: Lieutenants, Doctors, Scientists, Command Officers, & Special Forces


United States General – Pete “Keg” Walker of Tri-State Special Operations Command (TSSOC)
United States X.O. – Jenn “Razor Girl” of Team Infamous

Chinese General - Roger Del Russo from Team Forefront Chinese X.O. – TBD

PAINT: EVENT PAINT ONLY! Paint will be 1/2 off for this game – Only $50.00 per case no matter what quantity you purchase! All paint is subject to PA sales tax.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT: If rental equipment is needed, there will not be an extra charge. You must have a major credit card or valid drivers license to use as a security deposit until equipment is returned.

FILLS: N2 Air is Free, Private Co2 Tanks are $3.00 for all day fills.

CAMO: $7.00 per rental

AMMO BELTS: $3.00 per rental

CHRONO: Mandatory chrono at 280 fps max. We will check with hand-held roaming judges. If you are shooting hot, you will be removed from play immediately!

MEDIC CARDS: If you are shot, find a medic judge. He’ll mark your card so you can stay in the game. Receive 3 marks on your card, leave the field, report to the nearest reinsertion point.

FOOD: Available for sale throughout the game.

WATER: Available for sale at our food court, we strongly recommend you bring extra water!

CREDIT CARD/CASH: Cash is quicker but we accept all major credit cards & travelers checks.

ATM: There is an ATM located on site.

ALLOWED: Lights, Paint Grenades, Perimeter Warning Devices, and Thermal Imagers.

PROHIBITED: Guns shooting over 280 fps, Hot Burning Smoke, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields. NO Laser Sights, NO Pyrotechnics, NO Drugs, NO Alcohol! NO FIREWORKS!!

SCENARIO: Two years ago, the United States and China set out on a joint mission to the Arctic Circle to discover new sources of oil. The mission quickly dissolved into a brutal clash at Outpost G4. Nobody knows who pulled the trigger first. Answers are needed. Once again America and China will clash and once again, something lurks among them. Hiding in plain sight, an imitation of human beings will prey upon them – both body and mind! Come out and test your skill against every other player. There is no guarantee the human race will survive a second time. Nobody can be trusted. Experience the ultimate mind game and together let’s find out Who’s Who……and who’s The Thing.

Call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) or visit for information/reservations
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