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im bored and feel like updating everyone on my current life.

so lots of good stuff happening.

my brother got his license. so now he can drive me around and i can finally get drunk and smoke weed again (havent been able to cause only i could drive)

this girl i know is seemingly interested in me which is like a feat because i'm bad with women

i dont have work until the 21st

vacation starting wed. after school

visiting university of new paultz, townson, maryland and mabye umass (idk yet)

thinking of some cool stuff for college

taking the SATs in a month

there is a huge party on saturday at this park and people are going to BBQ and bring beer drugs and rock n roll

making some new friends

i dont know, lifes just good whatr can i say

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So lots of stupid stuff is happening.

My car got broken into and my stereo stolen.

I like a girl that lives 8 hours away and each time she is going to be in town there is a problem.

I still can't find a job.

I need another vacation.

Going to community college (and doing poorly).

All of my classes are dumb.

I have nothing that relates to SATs.

This weekend that girl was supposed to come visit and her friends don't have room in their car.

Losing friends/distancing myself from people.

Enjoy it. Life could be like...mine.

I was saving that bacon
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Sounds great everything going good for you!

I would be better if I knew how to do this stupid electrochemistry thats a test grade....
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