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Your Worst Nightmare
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In an effort to make stickies easier to use, we’ve started combining them into one uber sticky. So here it is, please do not post in this thread. If you have something to add to a sticky, just do it like you normally would and make a really good thread and we’ll add it if it’s worthy!

- Brian

Tippmann Pictures! Post pictures of your paintball throwing hotrod in this thread, or look at others for inspiration. Yea, that's it!

Tippmann Parts Trading Trade your Tippmann Parts in this thread. Not a B/S/T.

How To Polish The Internals Of A 98, 98C, Custom Pro Mortisdeum's guide on how to polish the internals of the 98 series. You've heard about it, now learn how to get the job done.

Full Auto 98C With Stock Parts? Mortisdeum shares his making of a full auto 98C using stock parts. Discussion follows.

Tippmann FAQ and Support – This section is here to answer all your basic questions about Tippmanns. Please look through this thread before you post a question.

The Response Trigger (RT) Upgrade – Here is a sticky based on the RT for tippmanns

Official Tippmann Mod Thread – Thread all about modifications

Tippmann Upgrade Thread – All the wonderful info on tippmann upgrades

The Flatline Barrel System – Everything you need to know about flatlines.

Polishing the Internals of a Tippmann 98 – how to do it, with pics.

Quick Return RT Mod - Mortisdeum's at it again, this time with a simple and cheap RT mod.
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Not open for further replies.