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Hey guys, now in a dilemma between a semi or a pump. Been thinking about a phantom. Was thinking of an SP-1 before but now looking at a pump haha

Have a few questions:

1) what gun to buy?? CCI Phantom Markers | Paintball Gear Canada They all look like the same gun, but I have no friggen clue what w/ 45 Bottomline #-1011-45-50 w/ 45 #2011-45 and all that crap means.

2) I think I saw a vid of a guy not using a hopper with one of these. What gun/upgrades does this? I think the balls were inside the gun or something. All I know is that I want a Phantom with a vertical air.

I've seen pics of guys with larger tanks in the vertical thing, are they just buying a normal 9oz CO2 or something? or a phantom specific tank?
I'd like to use air if possible

Is this the gun that carries the balls inside it? Phantom Stock Class Vertical Air w/ 45 #2011-V-45 | Paintball Gear Canada

3) Should I upgrade the Phantom barrel, do other companies even do phantom threads?

4) Besides being a pump, what makes people love phantom over other pumps? I hear about them being accurate etc., but aren't all markers pretty close in terms of performance (besides bps)

Thanks guys

EDIT: and how many balls would you get out of the air before needing to refill. Obviously looking at a pump I'm not the kind of guy that uses lots of balls, but it'd be nice to not have to refill after every game (especially if they charge you standard rate or something since it's an unusual size, don't even know if some people would know how to fill it correctly)

I've seen pics of guys with larger tanks? Are these phantom specific? Or did they go out and buy a 9oz CO2?
I'd like to use air if possible, just not sure if it's a phantom air tank or if CO2 is the norm for pump (I thought CO2 had velocity spikes)

Also, what length barrel, I'm tempted to just go the 14", but I'd like to hear what other Phantom users say

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Eh, if you're just starting out and looking for your first gun, I'd stick with the SP-1
If you find out that you really hate the limitations that pump play has, then yoo're stuck with just a pump

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first, go here and look at the pictures of the primary configurations of the Phantom:
the phantom paintball gun CCI

As you will see, you have three different configurations to choose from for air setup: back-bottle, vertical bottle, or bottomline. You can opt to run an air tank (either CO2 or HPA will work well) or a 12 gram changer in any of these configurations.

Likewise with the feed, you can choose between stock class (the tube above the marker body holds paint) and direct feed. With a direct feed, you can choose between left, right and center feed bodies.

Grips - AK style grips are standard. I generally prefer to upgrade to .45 frames - these are the ones you can mount rubber grips on.

Everything is completely personal preference. You should try to figure out what you're looking for before buying.

As for barrels, several manufacturers make nice Phantom barrels, and there are quite a few people who provide the service of milling out the stock barrels to take Freak inserts. Phantoms do take 'Phantom' threaded barrels that are not shared by anything else in the industry.

Efficiency (shots per fill) - you will average ~35 shots per disposable 12gram, and in the neighborhood of 300 from the small 3.5oz and 4oz CO2 tanks that are quite popular with these markers.

Good luck; I'm off to watch football.
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