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I sware if its one of you guys ima e-rape you...

NofxGuy56: hey kayla
HeHimSelf57: sup sexi
NofxGuy56: ;-)
NofxGuy56: been awhile
NofxGuy56: wanna see my recent pic?
HeHimSelf57: whos this?
NofxGuy56: alex
HeHimSelf57: get yo ***** ass outta hea boi!
NofxGuy56: lol
HeHimSelf57: no seriously
HeHimSelf57: get yo skank ass outta hea
NofxGuy56: since when kayla talk like that?
NofxGuy56: why?
HeHimSelf57: since she turned BLACK on yo ass
HeHimSelf57: now get da **** outta hea crakka
NofxGuy56: who is this?
HeHimSelf57: u always i.m. me kid
HeHimSelf57: im not kayla u FREAK
NofxGuy56: no i dont
HeHimSelf57: yeah u do u nig
HeHimSelf57: who are u
HeHimSelf57: i dnt even know who u are
HeHimSelf57: i dnt even know wat girl would have a sn as hehimself
NofxGuy56: i go to osborne marietta hoe!
HeHimSelf57: *****
HeHimSelf57: i dnt even know where the **** that is

I was saving that bacon
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I was going to do it, but I couldnt make a fake aim s/n. Maybe later though.... :dodgy:
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