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i wrote this before i looked at the date, its a few months old so deal with it

PERSONALLY love it. I wish spyder continued the style. The new Electra is the best thing for their target audience as its the spyder every one wanted but from the start. The VS2/3 and RSX had thing that could be difficult but at the time was set the new spyder standard at the time.

-Delrin bolt, the ACS bolts blow hard... even though they are delrin

-New valve system, dedicated to Low pressure. This also caused the striker to be lighter moving mass. Lightest kick from a stock spyder still. The electra/pilots new "low pressure" is nothing more than a glorified valve pin mod that people and companys have done for over a decade now. Although its nice to have stock its not the balance valve imo.

*Side note;Just for your info on how most people rate valve
MADMAN, AKA > Balance(VS2/3/RSX)> Generic 15$ like NDZ and the new spyder valve, Homemade mod> classic sytle> Clone

On the generic valves vs electra valve. Overall the 15$ valves have better flow because they also came with a new valve body that flows better. The reason the electra may appear to function better is because it was designed to with just about every mod that gets done to classic e-framed spyders. The fact that most classic e frames wont have the tedious amount of effort to achieve to get tuned in properly makes the electra a superior choice for many new players.
The electra has the shaved pin but the same valve body design as the all the classics with one exception. The brass taper screw was changed to a allen key plug. The bodys reflect this change and render the electra valve body non interchangeable. Even with modification its not a good fit.

-flush threaded feedneck, up to that point everything had been bulking and used screws to pin it down. The fact the VS used ion threads opened up a huge aftermarket choices. unfortunately the 09 and newer are spyder proprietary so your stuck with what you got.

-EYES, While the electra with eyes was there, its now been standard for any electra frame at this point, even the mr 2/3 got eyes.

This was a big step that most overlook. Smaller solenoid means less energy which means more shots.
The low gram micro switch with leave and 3 points of adjust ability for a smooth short pull. They really re-worked the VS and electra triggers, Over all they are very similar except the sytle. One is a blade and one is an S, preference is up to you.
Now the boards on the VS and electra are very simple, over all they are about the same IMO. The electra has the NPPL/PSP cap built in to it but i've alway been quick to swap out to a full M7 tadao with these guns.
Something else that is really nice on both are INLINE THREADS and RAILS for your bottom line. Having the rail makes for a clean look that is comparable with everything out there.
Last but not least is the grips, nice rubber grips on the vs and electra. Its a much need improvement over the hard plastic of the past.

-Regulator- The vs Inline on/off regulator is probably one of its bigger flaws. Its not happy with CO2 and hard to rebuild when it breaks. The other part of this flaw is your kind of stuck with it. In order to upgrade you have to buy an adapter for your front block or a new front block designed to take Standard ASA threads. The Electra is already equipted with an adequate regulator and can easily be changed out with just about any reg of your choice.

-Downsides not discussed; can be considered bulky and heavy, stock board is limited, soft detents get sucked through, break or just disappear. Stock twist feedneck is not preferred at all to most player. Trigger side play is prevalent but otherwise solid.
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