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I am selling my Tiberius T9 Elite with a 500 round Q-Loader custom kit. I got this marker two years ago and it has been kept in great condition. It has only been on the field 6 times and it has been cleaned after each use. Each Q-pod feeds smoothly and feeds into the gun without any problems. The gun itself has had no problems since I bought it and I did add a dummy m16 mag for pure looks only. I recently played at a field with one and a half year old RPS stingers and not one broke during play. I will also include the original case the marker came in along with a parts kit. I am selling it because I am going off to college and I will not have time or the resources to keep up playing paintball so I might as well have the cash. I Am looking for around 500 for the whole thing which I think is fair considering thr gun retails for 500 and the Q-loader kit is 200. I will discuss shipping with the buyer through E-mail. I would prefer to use Pay Pal directly but if you would prefer to use Ebay I will be willing to do that but for 20 dollars extra just to cover Ebay's cut. Thank you for looking and if you have any questions feel free to post or E-Mail me at [email protected] (I check my email very often)

This Package Includes:

1x Q-Pod loader
5x Q-Pods
1x Custom T9 mounting kit
1x Parts kit (I have used some of the part such as O-rings)
1x Marker Hard Case
1x T9 Marker which includes:
-1x Stock
-1x Bipod
-1x Fixed Grip
-1x Dummy 16 Mag
-1x T9 Shroud with rails
-1x T9 marker (pistol)
-1x Tiberius Red dot scope
-1x Tiberius Scope riser
-1x Magazine (with CO2 and Reomte configs)

Here are some pictures of the package (click or copy and paste links)!oZZ2QQcurrentZZ!oZZ3QQcurrentZZ!oZZ3QQcurrentZZ
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