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hey guys my team mate is selling his gun so he can get the new team gun..he wants money for it no trades....sorry...
the gun is flawless shoots straight and fast you will be real happy with it....
it is olso up for sale in the local pro dont let some little kid beat you to it....

Black texas storm intimidator
WAS 2.7 (The type of board)
Freak front and back. 4 inserts (red, blue, gold, green)
Shocktech delrin bolt
clamping feed
dye sticky grips
CP on/off
Torpedo regulator

Viewloader Evolution 2
68/4500 Nitro tank with cover
Chrome CP on/off
1000.00 for everything you do the math its cheap,if you need feedback talk to "hotmikemanguy" i sold him my cocker he was very happy

thats the link to the picture from our website
remember its not my gun if you have any questions e-mail me

[email protected]

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nice eblade
2k3 sto black body w/ clamping rise
palmers pursuit rock (black)
palmers persuit ram
2 QEVs
black torpedo reg
free flow internals
16" jt 2 piece barrel
14" PMI barrel
kapp beaver tail
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