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I will be selling my Tippman 98 Customer /w the follow up's and items!

Tippman 98 Custom
13" Empire Twister Barrel
Empire Reloader Revvy Hopper
32* grip(split in the front to fit 98C)
Polished Internals.
20oz Pure Energy C02 tank
Allen Wench set
Owners Manual
Original 8" Barrell
10" Dye Barrell

The gun is a used gun, but works fantastic! I purchased this gun a few months back from another forum member, but because I am leaving for school in a week I will be selling it, the exrta money would be nice! I also have another marker for sale in the electro section of this forum :D

Appearance wise it has some scratches on it but still looks pretty good!

I personally have put maybe 2 cases of paint through it, but don't know how much total because I am the second owner!

I purchased the gun for 160, than put on the barrell and hopper for 40, and 55 bucks. So I am $260 into it! However I will let this one go to a good home for $180 +shipping!

Again like the other gun, I have photos of this and what it will come with! Interested? Send an e-mail to [email protected] and I will send the photos!

If you have any questions reply to this post, send an e-mail or a private message!

Edit: Here is 1 of 8 photos I have of this gun. This is a photo of the entire package and what will come with it.

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I really don't have 280 bucks at this point, but thanks for the offer..


I might be able to dig up $85, could you send me some pictures of the cocker, and what it is going to come with, stats on use kinda thing. I am interested.
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