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New here and am looking to sell my Tippman. I am not very familiar with Paintball markers, guns etc, so please bear with me. I bought this a few weeks back and really don't have the time to play. I was into Airsoft and sold that stuff as well.

Up For Sale:
Tippman 98 Custom Paintball gun with 16oz CO2 Tank, Leader FaceMask, Original Barrel with Barrel Plug (One on gun is a sniper barrel which is supposed to shoot further then stock barrel). Adjustable Butt Stock (Added on), Extra seals, tools, unjamming cable and Manual.

The Sniper Barrel and Adjustable stock were all modifications to the gun at one point as the Tippman 98 Custom does NOT come with these parts as far as I know. At least thats what I was told when I bought it.

Asking $100 or best offer. Shipping will be determined once address has been PM'd to me. Shipping will be via UPS.


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