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Hey there, I was looking to sell my tippmann a-5 paintball gun. Not necissarily here, was just looking to get some tips on what you think I should sell gear for.

Gun: What I have is a tippmann a-5 with a response trigger, expansion chamber(I also have the original piece that you take off to install an expansion chamber). A barrel piece for both tippmann barrels or spyder barrels (I got this piece because a friend gave me a Galaxy V 2 piece 14" barrel). I have the original hopper, and everything else is all stock.

Equipment: Like I said, I have a galaxy V barrel. A 4 pod NXe pod pack (with 4 black pods). I have blue x-large dye gloves. Simple NXe neck guard (never used, friend also game me this). I have a nice Dye mask with the clear lense, and also a black lense. I have 2 20 oz co2 tanks. I have a carbon fiber 4500 DXS compressed air tank, hydro date is 05/07 with a NXe blue cover. And finally a Dye x-large paintball jersy.

The gun is clean, I always clean it after every game. The gun has been used maby 20 times, and has no leaks. Shoots very well with my spyder barrel. I will update this post with some images of the equipment and gun.
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