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I got my wonderfull Custom 98 for sale.

What is included:

C98, about 1 year old, used 2 great condition, just oiled and has NEVER given me an issues, with 2 tanks 9 and 20 oz. Rocket Cock II Kit, J&J EDGE barrel kit, with a few extra bore barrels then the original kit, Rufus Dawg Double trigger, hopper, all screws and allen keys.

I am not sure what all this is worth but I think around $200 is where I will start, unless someone directs me otherwise.

J&J kit:

J&J 5 Piece Edge Barrel Kit Tippmann 98 Paintball Barrels paintball marker barrels Tippmann paintball gun barrels tippmann paintball barrels

Rocket cock II kit:

Rocket Cock protects and quiets Tippmann 98 Custom

Double trigger:

Rufus Dawg Tippmann 98 Double Trigger System | Paintball Review |
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