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Hi all I would like to get some input on which one will be the most bang for the buck. I don't want to spend a ton of money upgrading to make the gun acccurate and with an easy pump which is a must. I do not have access to either gun to try out, so those who have experience with both please feel free to give a detail explaination of what are the pros and con of one gun versus the other.

tippman sl68 II can be had for about 80 bucks in mint condition this includes shipping. Phantom can be had for about 160 used in mint condition with maybe a barrel upgrade. "this does not include shipping charges" on ebay.

Here what I would like to know how accurate are these guns out of the box, they seem to be very accurate guns according to what I have read. I'm looking to shoot from about 75 ft away maybe a 100 ft. I don't think you can actually hit someone from a 150 ft away have have the ball go splat in the majority of instances. When I say accurate I'm talking about ball on ball sort of thing. durability, the tippmann seems very durable on the surface, but this is not a big deal for me because I can cast and mill body of both guns, I'm more concerned about internal parts. Ease of pumping, my only experience was with sheridan pump pistol, they were smooth, and easy to pump.

thanks for your input ahead of time
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