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$200 shippedMask included, not pictured.
Selling this thing to put the money towards a better marker. E1 or something like that.
I've loved the 2 months i had with it learning how to paintball, time to move on.
Works with the reliability you'd expect from a Tippmann. I replaced the springs as well.
- Tippmann 98 C ACT. Value: $140
- Tippmann SSl-200 Electronic Loader. Value: $40
- Maddog cock slot guard. Value: $8
- Double trigger. Value: $11
- Drop forward. Value: $34
- J&J 14" barrel. Value: $30
- Proto Switch EL mask. value: $50
I'm letting it all go for $200 shipped.

I took the front grip off cause it gets in my way, i can slap it back on before shipping. If you dont want the drop forward i can take it off and drop the price $34. Same goes to any other upgrade.


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