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Price: 160$
Email me at: [email protected] if you would like to see some more pictures.

Package includes:
-1X Tippmann 98 custom paintball marker (excellant condition!!)
-1X FULL brass eagle 9 ounce Co2 tank (Can refill at Canadien Tire For 1$)
-1X 800 Premium Striker Paintballs.
-1X Gravity Hopper
-1X Tippmanmn Barrel Safty Cover (Barrel condom)
-1X Professional Camo Paintjob (Looks Amazing!!)
-An extra 20$ for a lightly used US Army Paintball mask (purchased in the US)

The Marker has recently been oiled and looked at, it is in great condition and an awesome buy!!!!!!!!!
Same marker instore at canadien tire is 210$, and this lightly used marker is only 160$!! and comes with paintballs and an awesome paintjob!!!
Will only sell to people living in canada, and I WILL PAY FOR SHIPPING. but if you live in saint john NB or surrounding areas I could give it to you in person.


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