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Hi I am selling my Tippmann 98 custom because I am going to be buying an Invert Mini. This Tippmann 98 is in great working order. I have barely broken any paintballs inside of this marker. this package has over $500 worth of supplies PM me with a offer if you are interested. here is what you get in this package:
Tippmann 98 custom

Response Trigger

Cyclone feed w/ hopper

Tippmann double trigger

New internals (much quieter than the originals)

Custom Parts 16 inch barrel w/ Barrel sleeve

I have a flatline barrel but it is making a screw or two I never bought replacements but you can have it

Remote line

48/3000 pure energy HPA tank

View Loader pod holder w/ HPA tank slot.

Tippmann Parts Kit

Message me if you would like to make an offer or buy i will also do a trade for a Mini (if you want). THANKS
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