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Hey everyone,

I have this 98 Custom setup for sale:

It comes with:

1 Tippmann 98 custom (black) with Original package and contents:

∙ Original Barrel

∙ Owners Manual

∙ Allen Wrenches

∙ Spare tank O-Ring

∙ Gun Lubricant (2)

∙ Cleaning Cable (1)

∙ Tippmann Barrel Plug

∙ All original parts that were removed for Stock, Flatline and Double Trig

1 20 ounce Aluminum CO2 tank

2 200 Round Hoppers (black)

1 Deluxe Coiled Remote

1 98 Custom Double Trigger with guard (already assembled)

1 98 Custom PTP Car Stock (already assembled)

1 98 Custom Flatline Barrel Kit (already assembled)

1 JT Tool Barrel Plug

1 JT Dark Green Mask

1 Ronin Gear 4 + 1 Pack (four 200rd pods included)

The gun works great, it's only been used four times in total and looks and functions like new. Everything you see in the pictures is included in this package. It will come with the Stock, Flatline Barrel System, and Double Trigger all installed. I'm selling because the I need to raise money for other things. This package has pretty much everything you need (equipment wise) for longer range roles, with good paint the flatline barrel gives you excellent accuracy and 100ft more range then the stock barrel.

I'd like to get $550usd for the whole package, but I'm flexible so just make me an offer. Either PM me, or just post on here. Oh, and if there's any questions just ask. Thanks.


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Sorry for peeing on your herbal induced hallucinations Bjorn, but $550? You can buy all that new for less than 550 and still have some left over for paint to shoot or sniff...

Not trying to be too much of a smarta** - here's a free up. You gonna have to drop your price by 300 to even get an offer imho...
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