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I got an offer from someone my friend knows and I was wondering how good of a deal this would be.
It's been used but only for 2 or 3 games. As far as I can see, nothing is wrong with it, but I haven't fired it yet.

It's $200.00 (USD) which includes:

Tippmann A-5
14-inch Whisper Barrel
20 Oz. C02 Tank
9 Oz. C02 Tank
Remote Coil
Shoulder Stock
5 pack harness
3 - 5 Dye Pods
3,000 balls (not sure what kind)

From what I've seen, this seems like a good price considering how little it's been used. He said he got it for a birthday present but wanted an Xbox so he's selling it.

Thanks all thumup:
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