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Tippmann A-5 with Brand NEW E-Grip with WAS for sell.

The Marker:

This is a rarely used Tippmann A-5 with a brand new E-Grip with WAS Board. It looks and runs like it's new. I took the A-5 to the Tippmann main headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. They put a new E-Grip with WAS Board and a new cyclone feed on the marker. Tippmann also checked for leaks and found none. The WAS Board uses LED lighting to tell what firing mode you are in. The cyclone feed eliminates you needing a electronic hopper because it feeds the paintballs at 15 BPS.

Marker and Accessories:

* Tippmann A-5
* E-Grip with WAS Board
* 14" DYE Barrel
* 6+1 Camo Harness with 6 Pods
* Remote Line
* 2 20oz C02 tanks
* 1500 Brass Eagle Paintballs
* Mask
* Brand New Gloves
* Barrel Condom
* Marker Lube
* Original Grip and Trigger
* 8.5" Stock Barrel
* 200 Round Stock Hopper
* Necessary Tools

-If you are interested, PM me, I will PM you the link to the eBay auction.

Thank You,
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