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I am currently selling a Tippmann A-5 with the Response Trigger setup. This marker is almost new -- I haven't put more than 2000 rounds of paint through the gun (Honestly!).

  • * A 12-inch 2-piece 2004 All American barrel
    * A Tippmann A-5 marker
    * The Tippmann Response Trigger kit (bought preinstalled, so no worries)
    * 20 ounce CO2 tank
    * Butt plate for 20 ounce CO2 tank -- converts your tank into a stock
    * JT XFire Goggles

I kept the stock barrel, just in case you decide you want to put it back on (I can't see why, but you might).

Here's pictures of all the stuff.

The goggles aren't in the pictures, but they will be soon. For those of you suspicious about why there's a totally white background -- I took the pictures against a sheet of posterboard. All of the pictures are totally authentic.

The whole setup is going for $300 or best offer; trades are welcome as well. I'm looking for Autococker accessories or barrels; I especially want Comp Air tanks. No markers or hoppers, please. PM me with your offers/comments/questions, please. Also, you can contact me on my AOL screen name: orb357.
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