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Hey guys
New to the forum, not new to forums or paintballing.
Im selling my paintball gear off for my other hobby; pocket bike racing! So all my stuff must go.
I have a Tippmann A5 with stealth package and egrip. When i first bought this gun it was completely stock. Ive upgraded many things and the gun works GREAT. No broken peices, itll be ready to fire out of the box (will need to fill the c02 tank). The egrip that comes with it has only been used one time (my last game) and i loved it. Anyways, on to the good stuff! The gun has/comes with the following:
Tippmann A5
Flatline Barrel
Shoulder stock
A5 stock hopper
Remote line kit (the line itself and the adapter)
Hall Effect Egrip- Only used once, works perfect (comes original box and instructions)
Stock grip (mechanicle and comes with stock adapter)* ALSO has an upgraded trigger to the double finger*
Polished Internals
Full metal Cyclone feed system (works well with the egrip, i personally shot 19bps with this gun)
Wargear Pink Squishy Paddles(for less ball breakage)
RAP4 QEPH (quick exhaust piston housing, metal)
NXe paintball belt 5+4+2 (5 quick release pods and the rest are bungee pod holders)
5 Blue Fat Boyz Tubes
20oz c02 tank (outdated, doesnt have to be in this package, but some paintball shops will fill them anyway)
24oz c02 tank (perfect condition and doesnt expire for 4 more years)
Also comes with the stock cyclone parts, trigger guard, and a few others.
Hope i listed everything. Everything in the pictures is what your getting. Im asking 260$ Shipped but am open to offers. My email is [email protected] and messenger is also [email protected] ( for yahoo msn). Feel free to email me ANY time. More/Better pictures upon request. I only accept Paypal. Im Paypal AND Ebay verified.

PS: The gun is a little dusty from sitting on my shelf but will wipe off easily.

EDIT:: Not sure why my pictures keep disappearing....
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