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I have for sale:

1 Tippman Pro-Lite marker*
1 set of armored gloves
1 set of chest/back armor
1 nine oz co2 tank
2 twelve oz co2 tanks*
1 mask
1 vest
1 hopper*
1 squeegee
9 back up canisters with hip holster
A lot of 10 ball tubes with adapter
Extra o-rings

*Items are aftermarket camouflaged.

Get it all for $150.

Some history on the equipment.

Most of it is about 6 years old.
The original price for the marker was $300.
The rest of the accessories and safety equipment are worth about an additional $200.

The marker is one of the most trusted out there. It is a semiautomatic open bolt marker, and the newer, lighter generation of the Pro-Am.
Commercial paintball fields commonly use these as rentals because they can take the most extreme abuse (i'm a woods ball player, the thing can seriously take a beating), and are extremely easy to clean and maintain.
You can also thread an A-5 barrel onto this marker.
It is extremely simple and efficient, not to mention accurate. With the right paint, you can shoot a consistent pattern at 75 to 100 yards.

See reviews here:
Tippmann Tippmann Pro-Lite\Mini-Lite | Paintball Review |

All in all, its an awesome piece; more or less a professional setup. I'm sad to let it go, but I'm moving and there's no room for it anymore, not to mention any money in the budget for paint.
I just need to get rid of it, and want to see it go at a good price to a good buyer. (I will also remain open to negotiating, for the right buyer.)

Respond with an email, and we can make arrangements.
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