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I'm looking around trying to find the fair value for this gun.
Does my old SMG-68 have some value after all of these years. I checked its value at the turn of the century but at that time it was just an old gun and I was offered about $50. But now I see one has gone for as much as $600.
I bought it about 1990 or '91 new. Just before the 68 Specials came out. Mail order from a store I found in Action Pursuit Games. That’s how we ordered things back in the old day’s kids.

The SMG-68 is all original and in very good condition. Serial #1378. The aluminum magazine is not crushed. I filled the original 7oz siphon tank and loaded paint and it shot like a dream. Unfortunately the o-ring on the tank is about 10 years old and fell apart after removing the tank. I have 30 5 round clips in the army surplus ammo belt pack.

Is this set-up worth some real money? I saw a SMG-60 on eBay go for only $126 recently. If that is all I can get I will let my kids use it as I shoot at them with a splatmaster.
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