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Hello everyone, Just selling my X7 and accessories, the only reasonable paintball dealer is 50+ miles away now. The main item for sale is the Tacamo mag fed converted x7, however i have other things related to the gun. All items are in excellent condition, and the box mag and straightline barrel have only been used in 4 game-days. There are, of course, minor scratches on some things due to wear over time, but the gun still functions fine, I cleaned and oiled it after every gameday. I had to sand down the flatline and original shroud, because rap4 pretty much told me that the flatline shroud should fit, and if not to shove it. I had to cut and sand the bottom part of the original shroud. Pictures are on the bottom, sorry for the shoddy quality, they were taken by an iPod camera. More, and higher definition photos will be supplied upon request. Prices will be put up soon, PM for offers. NO TRADES, cash by paypal only, please. I am willing to negotiate prices. Thank you
Main things for sale
  • Tippmann x7 mag fed w/ flatline, e-trigger (I will ship with stock
    barrel and the original plastic rap4 mag) ($320), ($280 for stock trigger).
  • Rap4 gen4 box mag ($140)
  • x7/a5 16" straightline barrel ($100)
I have some other random things for the x7 for sale, they would be good replacement parts;
  • Original x7 "body plates" ($20)
  • Tech T upgraded Cyclone Feeder (w/ hopper) ($30)
  • 65 ci 4500 psi pure energy tank (I'll throw in a remote line) ($60)

The main things

Box Mag

Box Mag inside

Thanks for reading :D
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