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Selling my exclusive Tippmann x7 with bunker system and almost all possible upgrades.

-Tippmann X7
-Barska 30MM Red Dot Scope
-Tippmann X7 E Trigger Frame
-BT Folding Foregrip
-Smart Parts 16" Tactical Freak Barrel
-Smart Parts Freak Back Aluminum+ all inserts
-New Designz Tippmann A5/X7 Power Tube w/ Delrin Bolt (сейчас стоит сток, но это вдовесок)
-New Designz Tippmann 98/A5/X7/BT Lightweight Hammer Kit (Full) (сейчас стоит сток, но это вдовесок)
-Bunker, made by Russian paintball constructors, no real problems with using it, just one ball cracked in 10 games or so.
Here is its prototype ‪Tippmann X7 with Box Mag‬‏ - YouTube

-Ninja Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator - 90/4500
-Warrior Paintball Deluxe Remote Kit w/ Slide Check

My price is 1500$ which of course might be discussed.
Please write here in pm or here- safonov.p(the at sign)

The main problem that I am from Russia, so the buyer will have to pay for shipping.
We can use paypal for transaction, so I think it is possible to find a way if anyone interested.

Also, I will add many bits to that marker like old trigger and barrel


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