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Hey im sellin a Tippmann 98 Custom with sum nice ups
Its in great condition been very well taken care of....if you want pics IM me at Comforteagle13 or Nytef0x (the o in fox = a zero)

Heres the specs -
Silver Model 98 Custom
LowPressure Kit
WGP Ergo Reg
Double Trigger
PhyscoBalistics Drop (huge drop)
Dont remember what barrel but its hella quiet and accurate.
Can include a mask with a custom camo cover for free and an Empire Revi

You can shoot Brass Eagle threw this thing and it wont chop a one, and usually almost as accuratly as any other paint. It keeps up with all my friends cockers and impy's

Id like around 300 for it or maybe a trade (flxable on the price)

Email : [email protected]
IM: Comforteagle13, Nytef0x (the o in fox = a zero)
Pls dont PM me i rarly check it......
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