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Hello all,
I am looking into purchasing a new hammer/striker for my tippmann 98 (old school style, Model 98). The Dark Horizons Titanium Hammer looks good, and with all the reviews on several sites being nothing but positive, I think it might be worth $60-$65. However, I have a Response Trigger, and I have heard different things about the LITE version of the hammer and its incompatibility with the RT (some say it works, some say it don't, including the site). Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about these hammers, whether its a waste or a good improvement. Here are my gun specs:


Flatline Barrel
Response Trigger
Rocket Cock II
Nitro Duck 68ci/3000psi
12 Volt Revolution

EDIT: I searched this forum before I posted, and the information wasn't particularly good... just thought I'd let you all know at least I looked.
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