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yea i am trying to sell my almost brand new spyder tl-x that i bought at the end of the summer...i have only used it 3 is a list of some the stuff

-TLX (150)
-electric trigger (75)
-vertical elbow (5)
-vl200 hopper (8
-barrel condom (10)
-14 inch Smart Parts teardrop barrel (45)
-spare parts (1 allen, o-rings, valve parts)(15)
-500 paintballs (15)
-mask bag (10)
-stock trigger with new spring for better performance (7 for the spring)
-stock barrelL
-JT mask (30)
-20 oz co2 tank (25)

thats all worth around 395...the teardrop has never been used...only put on gun to see how it looked and to take pics (e-mail me if you want to see some of them)....i can also throw in a BRAND NEW evo2...never used, clear, bought for 80...will add it for another 60....AND ITS NEVER BEEN USED!!!!!! also have a pic of i am asking 265-285 without the hopper and 325-345 with...thats still a great deal considering with the hopper its all worth 475 bucks...over 100 bucks off (thats about 32% off and some of it has never been used!) e-mail me at [email protected] for more details and pics of the gun and everything else and i will get them to you ASA

while i am here i am also selling a pro BMX vert/street/flatlands bike...i have a blue 2004 Eastern Battery that i bought at the beginning of the summer...broke my wrist half way through the summer so it has been hanging up in the garage since then...i have only taken it down to take pics of it (e-mail me for those)...i bought it new for 350, bought a pryme helmet for 35, speed bearings were a gift so i dont know how much those cost, pryme gloves i bought for 20, and the bike came stock with kenda street tires but one of my friends was mad at me so he popped them (jerk) so right before i hung the bike up i put new kenda racing (street) tires on and new tubes..i got a deal on those...i bought them for 20 bucks each for the tires and 8 each for the tubes...its all worth around 461 bucks...i will sell it for 380-400...on both the gun and bike i WILL NOT sell things want the gun you have to take everything listed for the gun...same with the bike..i really need the money right now so thats the only reason why i am trying to sell these 2 things...and if you want both the gun and the bike together i will cut you a deal...both the gun and the bike (worth around 855-935 if you want the hopper or not) i will sell them to you for the amazing price of 600-620 bucks..thats without the hopper...with it will be make some offers i am open to almost trading unless its for both the bike and gun for a shocker or any other really high end guns...NO LOWBALLS WHATSOEVER SO IF YOU ARENT SERIOUS ABOUT BUYING THIS OR TRADING FOR THIS THEN DONT POST IN MY THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e-mail me for pics of all this and more details at [email protected]
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