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yea i have a new TLX that i want to sell...i have bought some stuff for is a list of everything that i am trying to sell with it...i also have pics so if you want them u can e-mail me at [email protected] thumup:

TLX (150)
-electric trigger (75)
-vertical elbow (5)
-vl200 hopper (8
-barrel condom (10)
-14 inch Smart Parts teardrop barrel (45)
-spare parts (1 allen, o-rings, valve parts)(15)
-500 paintballs (15)
-mask bag (10)
-stock trigger with new spring for better performance (7 for the spring)
-stock barrelL
-JT mask (30)
-20 oz co2 tank (25)

thats all worth about 395 dollars...i am asking about 280 OBO...the lowest i will go is 265....the gun has only been used 3 times...the teardrop barrel (blue) has never been used before...i wasnt sure where to put this because it came stock with a mechanical and i installed an electric

while i am here i might as well try selling this on here too....i am also trying to sell a pro BMX bike...i have a 2004 blue eastern battery that is in good condition and only has a few scratches on the handle bars..i bought that new for 400...with that i will throw in a helmet that i bought for 40 and gloves that i bought for 15...all that is worth around 455 bucks...i am trying to sell it for make offers...its a pro BMX bike and i have taken excellent care of it, and it has kenda street tires and speed bearings! also have pics of that so e-mail me for those

if you want to buy both of those at the same time and everything (worth around $850 i will cut you a deal...i will sell them both to you for $600....thats 250 bucks off what i bought them for and they are both in great condition...will consider many offers...NO LOW BALLS...NOTHING UNDER 260 FOR GUN AND NOTHING UNDER 350 FOR THE BIKE....FOR BOTH NOTHING UNDER 575!!!! u can offer 575 for both and i might consider it!!! E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!1 thumup: thumup: l8er wave:
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